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Educator Workshop Series

La Maida Project’s Educator Workshop Series is a four session program designed for educators to interact, reflect, and self-discover in order to become active participants in reframing and generating mental health.

While the concepts and skills presented in La Maida Project’s series are important for all individuals and communities, in no space is there more potential for life-changing impact than in educational settings.

Our experiential workshops are typically 120-minutes and are most effectively delivered in person. Because the needs of every education setting, grade level, and classroom are different, La Maida Project will work with your organization to customize the specifics of delivery and exercise adaptation.


Health & Human Nature

In order for individuals to become active participants in reframing and generating mental health, we must first begin with the deceptively simple question, “What is health?” This session is designed to explore the answers to this question and come to a more accurate and empowering view of health that accounts for connection to self, community, purpose, and the natural world as the essential building blocks of mental health and well-being.

Stress & Regulation

To better understand the brain and how its innate physiology impacts our day-to-day behavior, this session explores bottom-up regulation, the stress response, how humans have evolved to thrive in reliable interdependent ecosystems, and meaning making. Self regulation practices and skills to develop bonds are emphasized to reduce toxic stress and improve mental health.

Story & Purpose

Purpose is the most overlooked (and perhaps most complex piece) in the story of health, particularly. Having a coherent understanding of our past, present, and future gives way to healing, resilience, and personal growth. In this session, we use the power of storytelling to help students draw their own story to their essential and meaningful purpose.


Discovery and customization, program workbook, pre and post session exercises, pre and post session evaluation, and a wrap report.