La Maida Project Privacy Notice

La Maida Project is committed to every individual’s personal privacy. As an organization, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you during a visit to, unless your permission is explicitly granted to do so. Visiting our website does help us to understand our audience and we do so by collecting data about visitor behavior for our own purposes of providing better service and honing our message. We collect information for those who subscribe to the La Maida Project community, but we never collect information for commercial marketing or the sale of information to a third party.

Information Sharing

La Maida Project does not share any data or collection information with partners or outside parties. This includes sign-up information as well as donor/donation information.

Cookie Use

The La Maida Project website can be viewed in its entirety with or without the use of cookies. The data gathered via cookie use are used for our own user engagement purposes and may be analyzed through Google Analytics and our site statistics.

Cookie use levels can be determined and ultimately removed by changing the settings on your internet browser.

Site Security

We are proud to present a secure website where visitors can freely browse, engage, and make secure donations to our nonprofit organization. Our site is HTTPS secure and our certificate is valid and constantly updated. Donations to the site are monitored through the Stripe app ( and are secured through their stringent security measures.

Data Breach Reporting

La Maida Project is committed and compliant with all state and federal regulations regarding the disclosure of data breach incidents that occur on our website. We will strictly adhere to all rules and abide by the steps of service provided in the case of a breach.

Important Note About Social Media

At present, La Maida Project operates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as our social media outlets. It is important to note that these open forums of information and collaboration are third party organizations and have their own specific privacy clauses for each. La Maida Project’s privacy policy does not apply on pages that La Maida Project participates on through social media and we do not collect or maintain information that you provide or post on these and other third-party websites where we may participate as an organization.

These interactions are solely between the user and the third-party organizations and La Maida Project has and pretends no authority over claims and use of that data.