ACEs Aware

La Maida Project Presents

Provider Engagement Webinar Series
Exploring the Role of Culture in Healing

Webinar #2

Healing the Whole through Cultural Transformation 

Date: May 20, 2021
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm PDT 

In the second webinar of this two-part series, integrative psychiatrist Omid Naim, MD, founder of La Maida Project, will lead participants on a journey to understanding ACEs and its role in illuminating how to create a trauma-informed, integrative culture of healing. Dr. Naim will be joined by Ken Epstein, PhD LCSW, leader in trauma-informed systems transformation, to discuss self-empowerment around trauma, and Anil Vadaparty, CEO of child-welfare agency McKinley, to share his personal experience and what it means to lead a trauma-informed organization.

What you will learn 

Learn how adopting an ecological lens and trauma-informed approach changes the culture of an organization

Understand the role of self-examination in leadership and uncover what it means to empower oneself and others to heal 

Examine how we co-create health through connection and empowerment

Webinar #1 

Trauma is Our Heritage, Healing is Our Nature

Date: May 18, 2021
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm PDT 

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study not only sheds light on the effects of childhood adversity, but it also raises questions about the framework of healing in healthcare. In the first of a two-part webinar series, participants will learn how trauma and toxic stress can heal through an ecological framework of health that includes each individual as part of an organizational system. Integrative psychiatrist Omid Naim, MD, founder of La Maida Project, will discuss how to self-regulate through the latest brain research, how our wisdom traditions of storytelling support health in community, and how shared values can unite us and create a culture that heals, in any organization.

What you will learn 

Explore ACEs through the lens of healing

Become familiar with the neuroscience that underlies trauma 

Uncover the role of self-empowerment in the growth and healing of the individual and organization

Meet our Speakers

Omid Naim, MD

Integrative psychiatrist and founder of La Maida Project

Anil Vadaparty

CEO of McKinley, a child-welfare agency in Southern California

Ken Epstein, PhD LCSW

Leader in trauma-informed systems transformation

Kelly Benshoof, MPH

Moderator and executive director of La Maida Project

La Maida Project is proud to be a part of the ACEs Aware Initiative, funded and led by the Office of the California Surgeon General and the Department of Health Care Services to improve the health and well-being in communities across the state. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress represent a public health crisis that has been, until recently, largely unrecognized by our health care system and society. La Maida Project’s Provider Engagement webinars are designed to share our experiences and promote best practices in understanding, responding to, and integrating ACEs at the organizational level.


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Engage With Us

Omid Naim, MD

Omid Naim, MD was born in Tehran, Iran, just before the Iranian Revolution in 1978. This early childhood experience of societal terror and chaos shaped his appreciation for how unresolved trauma and grief have lifelong effects on individuals, families, and the community. Through the lens of his own family Omid came to witness firsthand how unacknowledged trauma can be neglected as the root cause of emotional illness and other chronic health conditions in our society.

After completing medical school at the University of Southern California and residency training in General Adult and Child Psychiatry at USC, Omid began working in community mental health with high-risk youth. Even though he was a classically trained Western psychiatrist, Omid could see that there was a need for more holistic, spiritual, and community-based approaches to health due to the limitations of the medical model. This fueled my passion to find new ways to approach how we care for people and led me to further my education in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona as a Bravewell Scholar under Dr. Andrew Weil.

This time spent training laid the foundation for creating a new model for mental health which evolved into the Hope Integrative Psychiatry Clinic. At Hope, Omid focused on empowering clients to tap into their capacity to heal, recover naturally, and elevate the deep needs for meaning, community, and belonging as the cornerstones for emotional well-being. With this in practice, we began to see that what we were really talking about was a paradigm shift in how society views health and well-being, thus giving rise to La Maida Project and its ecological lens and integrative model for health.

Ken Epstein, PhD LCSW

Ken Epstein, PhD LCSW has spent his career dedicated to Children, Youth and Family Mental Health providing direct service, teaching and in clinical and administrative leadership positions.His clinical and academic expertise is in Couples and Family Treatment as well as organizational culture change and he has practiced, taught and supervised for close to three decades.

Prior to his retirement in September of 2018, he served as the Director of the Children Youth and Family System of Care for San Francisco’s Behavioral Health Services since 2012. Ken has worked in University, Non-profit and County government positions in San Francisco and Vermont, and has been an innovator in the development, implementation and sustainability of a family centered approach through an equity, social justice and trauma informed lens. Currently he is focusing on preparing, supporting and developing leadership, organizational and clinical models that focus on relational healing, systems change and compassionate care.

Anil Vadaparty

Anil is the President and CEO of McKinley, a human services organization that provides essential programs for their communities for over 120 years. Anil has been in this position for almost 7 years, and is approaching 30 years of service in this field. Anil became interested in the concept of natural and integrative care based on his personal experiences which he will share. During that time, he also imagined how the individuals served at McKinley could benefit from supports that are all around them, including their relationships, nature, nutrition, creative expression, and mindfulness. This led him to Dr. Omid Naim and thus began McKinley’s partnership with La Maida Project. Anil will be happy to share McKinley’s journey towards developing their Trauma Informed Integrative Care model, McKinley’s HUMAN principles, and the impact it is having on their organization.